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光源特点 / Characteristics of light source

UV-LED光源特点 UV-LED light source characteristics

UV-LED 光源特点





4、UV LED无红外辐射,无有害气体产生,符合ROHS标准。相对传统汞灯更安全、更环保














UV-LED light source characteristics


1,cold light source,no heat radiation

2,is open,without preheating,irradiation intensity of up to 8000mW/cm2

3,compact,making the device can be easily integrated into the automatic production line and equipment

4,UV LED no infrared radiation,no harmful gas production,in line with the ROHS standard.Compared with traditional mercury lamp,it is safer and more environmentally friendly

5,life of more than 20000 hours,can significantly reduce operating costs and maintenance of working hours

6,the connecting line is a bending resistant cable,which can be installed in the movable part at will,so as to meet the need of repeated movement 


.Cold light source,no heat radiation:the illuminated objest surface temperature low,to solve the long-standing problem of thermal damage of optical communication,LCD production,especially suitable for liquid crystal sealing,film printing requirements of small temperature rise where applicable.The utility model has the aduvantages of small calorific value,and can solve the problems of large heat quantity of the mercury lamp spraying equipment and the difficulty of the staff.Moreover,the LED-UV light source,is issued by the high purity single band ultraviolet light,almost no infrared output,it belongs to the cold light source,the workpiece will not be deformed by heat.

.High efficiency:LED-UV-ray energy is highly concentrated in the effective curing effect of a UV curing effect,be roughly the same practical effect and intensity for the traditional high pressure mercury lamp UV light source is 1000-2000mW/cm2,so as to shorten the curing time.The traditional UV lamp light looks brightness is high,but the heat is high,because of its wide spectrum,the real part of the UV spectrum effective cure only accounted for a large part of the energy is in the visible range(stray light and infrared spectra fo(LED)heat production)the damage to the operator's eyes,serious and easy to make the workpiece deformation.

(1)the service life of the LED-UV lamp is more than 10 times that of the traditional mercury lamp,and the service life is not affected by the switching frequency.

(2)instantaneous switch,the maximum power output can be achieved without preheating.

(3)the energy is high,the light output is stable,the irradiation uniformity effect is good,and the production efficiency is improved.

(4)can be customized effective radiation area,length from 20mm to 2000mm.

(5)it is a safer and more environmentally friendly alternative to conventional light sources without mercury.

(6)low energy and more environmentally friendly alternative to conventional light sources without mercury.

(7)maintenance costs are almost zero,the use of UV-LED curing equipment to save at least $10000 per year / Taiwan supplies costs.

(8)because the ultrviolet irradiation device and the relevant supporting device are very compact,the utility model has the advantages of no need of the larger mechanical installation space and pipeline construction. It can be said that LED-UV curing system has further enhanced the environmental coordination of traditional UV curing system.LED-UV technology is the upgrading of the oringinal UV technology.